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Without any of the other roommates around, Gino and John can act on the lust they have for each other without any interruption. That’s why their dickheads were so stiff only after a few minutes of heavy petting on the couch. As soon as he saw his buddy’s shaft dangling, he opened up his mouth and moved his lips up and down his manhood, sucking his schlong before having him bend over so he could slip his tongue up his poop chute. He was starving for every part of his body, and so was he, as he took a mouth banging before bending over for his salami. He gave it just as good as he received it, and both dongs shot all the cream that they had!

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Shane Harmon, Chip Lawson, and Marty Mitchel are all very dirty minded individuals – especially when it comes to threesomes. This gay trio are all about getting their rocks off in some of the most banged up threesomes they can manage. Today it’s a rimjob train that goes all the way across the couch. Who knows what tomorrow will bring with these three? One thing’s for certain – these beauties are enjoying themselves immensely, especially once they start fucking the hell out of each other. Those shafts slam home over and over again.

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Sudsee Barnes and Billy Murphy are the types of guys that will kick back and enjoy themselves no matter what the situation is. Today they’re going for your typical blowjob, but instead of leaving it at that they start with the rimjob action. These guys just love to rim, especially when they can get themselves banged hard in the rump after their rims have been teased. They love that shit, especially once it gets so intense that they can barely contain their pleasure. Their ejaculate ends up coating the walls all over the place.

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These two young college studs enjoyed banging each other so much the first time that they’re back for more! Once again, they shed their clothes without ceremony, both horny dudes being eager to get to the main event. They take some time with the oral preliminaries, with the notable aspect of this clip being when they lick each others buttholes. There’s nothing like a good rim job to get you in the mood for passionate gay anal sex, so one man bends over, sticking his butt up in the air and pulling his own ass cheeks apart, exposing his brown fuck hole. His buddy gives him a long, rough reaming from the rear, slapping his rump during sex.

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Completely naked and ready for some dick, all three of these guys were moaning and sucking on each other, acting on their uncontrollable passion for one another. They each got some head or handjobs from one another, making their weiners swell up in size before their asses were exposed, spread and licked. They made sure those buttholes were sopping dripping with their warm drool, even when one of them was being bent over and anus fucked! He never let his face out of his rump, and then had the same treatment bestowed on to him when his buddy was banged from behind. They both got covered in jizz that they loved to share with each other!

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From the very first moment these two horny young homosexuals were put together in the same dorm room, the sexual tension has been mounting. The two mans, one brunette and one a redhead, soon choose who will be top and bottom, with the redhead being the more masculine and dominant of the two. On this horny gay night their lust for one another explodes, and they get naked on the couch, pressing their hard and muscular rim job videos young bodies together. The brunette eagerly suckles his roommate’s stiff pecker, groping his own penis grow rock hard as he takes the meatstick down the back of his throat. Then he takes it from every angle up his firm backside.

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Devon our twenty year old from Chicago and Jeremy who has his down home flannel shirt on. I teased him that he was from the farm, and he mentioned his rooster and feeding his cock. Jeremy states his shirt if for corn holing, damnit he beat me to the punch on that joke.

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